Simple things: Multiple swfs playing simultaneously = bad

Rats. This is an easy one, but it’s always the simple things. The problem: My flash animation is playing absurdly slow. Go to my Erie Canal interactive map: It’s a travelling bot, that follows a randomly drawn path. In this case, the “boat” should travel along the Erie Canal in a nice smooth fashion. The problem is that it travels slowly, and the movement is jerky and pulsating. Continue reading

Loaded swf max width 2880

Did you know the max width of a loaded flash swf is 2880px? I did not, but something like this appears to be true. I was working on a 360 panorama, and using the Loader class ( Loader.load(some.jpg)) to pull in a Photoshopped panorama jpg. Well, the jpg is approximately 3150×150 px <!–more–>and the panorama chopped off the image at 2880px.

In this case, I took the cheap and easy way out … resized the jpg to be 2880px in length.

Odd though: On my Erie Canal interactive map, I have an interactive map of the Erie Canal. It is composed of several jpgs. Each jpg is loaded via a loader and then aligned onto a sprite. The total width of the sprite is over 12,000px (though no single jpg is larget than 2880px). I’ll bet the length limit is on a single loaded image.

Dang it … lost some flash .as files

I thought this was impossible but … while working on an actionscript project, I had created a couple of .as files. Simultaneous to this, I also installed a Flash debugger player, and Firefox Firebug and Flashbug. Long story short, I needed to uninstall, so I just did a Windows-Vista-Restore. <!–more–>Dang blast it, when the restore was complete, my flash .as files were gone! Not the .fla, but 3 .as files have disappeared.

I thought a Vista-Restore would only affect windows system files, and not user data files. Rats, and by the way, those files are gone. I even downloaded an ‘undelete’ utility but it couldn’t find the files either. Rats, rats, rats. I guess I’m just venting here, but it you know why, please let me know.