Too old to carry and I need the exercise: So pull-cart

55, fat and out-of-shape. It’s hard enough walking 18 holes, and carrying my bag too … well, that’s just not much fun anymore.

As a teenager, I used a Dad-hand-me-down pullcart, but gave it up in my college years in order to carry (not only did I look cooler, but it really was easier to carry rather than pull my clubs).

However, now, it’s no longer quite so important to “look cool” and it is definitely not easier to carry my clubs. So, a familiar solution comes to mind: Believe it or not, Dad still has his old clubs and pull-cart (2 large wheels and the flip down handle — 1976 technology — fits right in with my 1980 Wilson Staff FG-17 blades).

And it works great. No more aching back and I still get to walk the course (riding is OK, but not my first preference). Besides, when the clubhouse sees me walking up, with my 1980s clubs, and my 76 pull-cart, it’s almost a certainty that I get the geezer discount (without even asking).

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