2012: Reinfected

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2012: The year I am re-infected by golf

2012 is the year that I have been re-infected by the game of golf. As a kid, I played the game quite a bit (my father encouraged it, because he loved the game too). My love peaked during Grad school, on the beautiful Scarlet & Gray courses of OSU. But after getting married and having kids, well golf just didn’t compare to family life. And so for the next 20 years, I basically abandoned the game (with the exception of the odd scramble or 9-hole games).

But 2012 was a watershed year. A number of factors added up to the time to play several rounds each week. Surprisingly, I could still pound out a round in the low 80s. With each round of golf, my handicap crept lower and lower; 12, 9, 8, 5, 6, 4 … and the season came to a close.

All in all, returning to golf has been great. Lost 15 pounds (I prefer to walk than to ride). Had my share of nice shots (my share of crappy shots too). Meet fellow golfers and enjoy the fellowship of golf. Can’t wait for 2013 to arrive.


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