IE8, 64 bit, Flash Player and Square

My website,, is not displaying Flash swf’s properly (in fact, no swf on the web is displaying properly in IE8 — new laptop). Ends up there is an issue with Flash Player and the 64 bit version of IE8 — the issue is there is no “official” 64 bit Flash Player for IE8.

However, there is a beta version of the Flash Player for 64 bit IE8 and it’s called ‘square’. Downloaded and installed it, and everything is good. It is available at Adobe Labs.

One thought on “IE8, 64 bit, Flash Player and Square

  1. Rats. This ugly issue appears to have raised its grubby head again, but this time with IE9. So, here it is again: IE9 64-bit, with Flash Square 10.3. There seems to be an issue with the wmode.
    This works fine:

    but if the value is set to ‘transparent’ or ‘opaque’, the swf does not show to the user (the swf is actually there, you can click hyperlinks and right-click it, but you can’t see anything on the stage). I’ve left a msg in one of the Adobe Square forums (, we’ll see what happens.

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