Cockroach Toy – FireFox issue: Cannot click html links under swf

I added a cockroach to my homepage; go the and you should see, on random occassions, a cockroach scurrying across the screen. Just a little Flash swf file, the roach crawls across the screen (at random scales) and at random time intervals; each time he crawls across the screen the time interval increments, so eventually, the roach makes its appearence less and less often.

My thinking is that it will be an attention grabber (though I may swap out the roach for a butterfly).

Ran into a slight tech glitch: The cockroach.swf file is contained in a div tag (with absolute positioning). Everything works great in IE, but there is a glitch with FireFox, namely, users cannot click on the html links under the swf file (even though the swf parameter opaque=transparent).

My simple solution, and this is not a perfect solution, was to make the div tag z-index = -1. So, now the cockroach scurries across the screen, but occassionally ends up under images, text, etc. from the html. Not a perfect solution, but it’s not that big a part of my page. Besides, having the roach weave in and out of the page is not a bad effect.

Additional note:  Added some quick code to control the div tag for IE and for FireFox:

<!--[if !IE]>-->
<div id="apDiv1" style="position:absolute; widows:100px;
 height:100px; z-index:-1; left:0; top:0; overflow:visible;">
<!--[If IE]>
<div id="apDiv1" style="position:absolute; widows:100px;
 height:100px; z-index:1; left:0; top:0; overflow:visible;">

The first conditional checks if the browser is Not-IE (like FireFox, for instance). If it is non-IE, then it sets the div tag z-index to -1. The second condition checks if the browser is IE. If it is IE, then it sets the div tag z-index to (positive) 1. So, IE users will see the cockroach on top of the HTML/images, and FireFox users will see the cockroach scurry under some of the images. Honestly, now that I have a partial solution, I’m not sure if I don’t like watching the cockroach dodge in and out of the images?

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