Muskingum River Navigation

Lock on the Muskingum River

Lock on the Muskingum River

Hot Dog! The Muskingum River is navigable from the Ohio River to Zanesville, maybe further. This is great … I’ve been pining to take another “canal” trip since our family Erie Canal trips of 2005. According to the Ohio DNR’s website, it looks as if boats up to 25′ in length can travel up the Muskingum. And following google maps, it looks like a motorized dinghy could go a lot further, dare I say, all the way to Lake Erie (with a few minor portages).

Trip planning begins today, for a June boating adventure. If you have any information about boating the Muskingum River, from the Ohio to Zaneszille, please be so kind as to let me know. Now for the hard part: Convincing someone in the family to join me.

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