Loaded swf max width 2880

Did you know the max width of a loaded flash swf is 2880px? I did not, but something like this appears to be true. I was working on a 360 panorama, and using the Loader class ( Loader.load(some.jpg)) to pull in a Photoshopped panorama jpg. Well, the jpg is approximately 3150×150 px <!–more–>and the panorama chopped off the image at 2880px.

In this case, I took the cheap and easy way out … resized the jpg to be 2880px in length.

Odd though: On my Erie Canal interactive map, I have an interactive map of the Erie Canal. It is composed of several jpgs. Each jpg is loaded via a loader and then aligned onto a sprite. The total width of the sprite is over 12,000px (though no single jpg is larget than 2880px). I’ll bet the length limit is on a single loaded image.

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