Dang it … lost some flash .as files

I thought this was impossible but … while working on an actionscript project, I had created a couple of .as files. Simultaneous to this, I also installed a Flash debugger player, and Firefox Firebug and Flashbug. Long story short, I needed to uninstall, so I just did a Windows-Vista-Restore. <!–more–>Dang blast it, when the restore was complete, my flash .as files were gone! Not the .fla, but 3 .as files have disappeared.

I thought a Vista-Restore would only affect windows system files, and not user data files. Rats, and by the way, those files are gone. I even downloaded an ‘undelete’ utility but it couldn’t find the files either. Rats, rats, rats. I guess I’m just venting here, but it you know why, please let me know.

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