2012: Reinfected

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2012: The year I am re-infected by golf

2012 is the year that I have been re-infected by the game of golf. As a kid, I played the game quite a bit (my father encouraged it, because he loved the game too). My love peaked during Grad school, on the beautiful Scarlet & Gray courses of OSU. But after getting married Continue reading

WordPress XML backup not worth crap

OK, I used the WordPress Admin option to back up my blog. Big mistake. For me, trying to restore from the backup files just didn’t work. And I tried for a couple of days. Finally, I just gave up trying to “restore” and I was able to recreate my blog from the xml files created during the “back up”. Unfortunately, I lost all the comments. There must be a better way.

No Rules back in for 2011 season

Just went up to Sandusky Bay and put No Rules into the water, over the Memorial Day weekend. Dang blast it, but I had to change the port impeller. Port side is a whole lot easier to change than the starboard side; it only took 3 hours of sweat and toil. But she’s back in the water and we’re ready for another fun season of boating.

Cockroach Toy – FireFox issue: Cannot click html links under swf

I added a cockroach to my homepage; go the http://www.encorecbt.com and you should see, on random occassions, a cockroach scurrying across the screen. Just a little Flash swf file, the roach crawls across the screen (at random scales) and at random time intervals; each time he crawls across the screen the time interval increments, so eventually, the roach makes its appearence less and less often. Continue reading

Flash Debug Player is painfully slow

This is more of a tech support article: I had a client, who complained rightfully that my Flash piece was painfully slow loading, and no fun even after it had loaded. And worse yet, it is a simple little piece. Long story short: My client had accidentally installed the debug version of the Flash player (Windows Vista) and that thing is slow. But it’s a simple fix: Uninstall the Flash Debug Player and install the latest Flash Player (non-debug). Unless you’re a Flash developer, there’s no good reason to have the debug version anyway. So, nothing wrong with the Flash piece, but the debug version made it no fun to play.