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Authorware 7 Advanced
3 days
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Authorware 7 Advanced
This 3 day, hands-on training class provides experienced Online Learning Developers with the knowledge and hands-on use of Functions and Variables they need to develop and extend sophisticated learning applications.

  • Basic Windows or Macintosh skills such as cut, copy, paste, etc.
  • Fast Track to Authorware 7 workshop or equivalent basic Authorware authoring experience.
  • Participants should be comfortable with:
  • Text, Color, Line, Mode, and Fill Pattern editing
  • Using Authorware icons (Display, Wait, Interaction, Sound, Video, Motion, etc.)
  • Building Interactions (Button, Hot Spot, Text Entry, Target Area etc.)
  • Building navigation using the Navigate and Framework icons
  • Building hypertext links
  • Using Authorware Libraries
  • Take the Online Shocked Authorware quiz to see if you're ready for this class.



Workshop Outline
Course Outline
Day 1

  • About the course
  • Building Dynamic and Adaptive Authorware Applications
  • Controlling the Piece
  • Preview of finiished application: PDA
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Walkthrough: File setup
  • Walkthrough: Import
  • Walkthrough: Set layers
  • Walkthrough: Set transitions for initial display
  • Calculations
  • Variables - reading the Variables dialog
  • Functions - reading the Functions dialog
  • Variables and Functions Reference
  • A Way of Thikng about Variables
  • A Way of Thinking about Functions
  • A Way of Thinking about Expressions
  • Variable syntax and Use
  • Conditional Logic & Loops
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Walkthrough: Resize Window
  • Responses
  • Branch settings
  • Perpetual Responses and Erasing
  • Activating Responses
  • Creating Error Traps
  • Variables Reference
  • Button responses
  • Text Entry responses
  • Target Area responses
  • Hot Object responses
  • All responses
  • Walkthrough: Checked Buttons
  • Making Choices
  • Branching on the Flowline
  • Calculated Path Decisions
  • Choosing between two alternatives
  • Choices in Expressions and Calculations
  • Choosing the right method
  • Variables Reference - decision variables
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Walkthrough: Alternative Paths in the Flowline
  • Brain Teaser: The Trumpet Lesson
Day 2
  • Displaying Variables and Functions
  • Key Components: Variable display
  • Formatting Numbers
  • Layering Displays
  • Function Reference: LayerDisplay, DisplayIcon, DisplayIconNoErase, EraseIcon
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Walkthroughs: Adjusting Display Layers
  • Walkthroughs: Displaying and Updating Variables
  • Working with Character Strings
  • Representation and Manipulation
  • concatenate strings
  • character String Functions
  • Functions
  • making changes to a String
  • properties of a String
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Walkthrough: Applying and Displaying String Functions
  • Walkthrough: Substrings & Number Formatting
  • Brain Teaser
  • Monogram Shop
  • Movable and Moving Objects
  • Display Icon properties
  • Motion Icon properties
  • Variables Reference: Moveable, Animating, Moving, PathPosition, PositionX and PositionY
  • Functions Reference: LayerDispay
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Walkthrough: Positioning an Object on a Path
  • Walkthrough: Direct to Line Scaled Motion
  • Parents & Children
  • Parent & Child icon relations
  • Calculated Navigate Icons
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Functions Reference: ChildNumToID, ChildIDToNum, IconFirstChild, IconLastChild, IconNext, IconNumChildren, IconParent, IconPrev
  • Walkthrough: Calculating a Navigate Destination
  • Brain Teaser: The Lion and the Mosquito
  • Perpetual Digital Movies
  • Digital Movies properties
  • Where Movies are stored
  • BMP Sequence Movies
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Walkthrough: Perpetual Movies
  • Brain Teaser: Heart Pump
Day 3
  • Continue Branching & Conditional Responses
  • Continue Branching
  • Continue Branching with Conditional Responses
  • Automatic Conditional Judging
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Walkthrough: Positioning and Moving Displays on a Grid
  • Walkthrough: Conditional Automatic Responses
  • Walkthrough: Adding a Custom Cursor
  • Walkthrough: Calculating a Motion Destination
  • Walkthrough: Streamlining the Code with Continue Branching
  • Brain Teaser: Stars n Stripes
  • Text Files and Character Strings
  • Manipulating Multi-line Character Strings
  • Lists of Information in Character Strings
  • Accessing External Text files
  • RTF Knowledge Objects
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Walkthrough: Manipulating Content from a Text file
  • Walkthrough: Making the Daily Quote Conditional
  • Brain Teaser: An American Favorite
  • Walkthrough: Creating an RTF Object
  • Walkthrough: Showing a Portion of the RTF Object
  • Walkthrough: Changing Pages
  • Linear Lists
  • Key Components
  • Arrays
  • Modifying Linear Lists
  • Linear Lists vs Lists in Character Strings
  • Functions Reference: Array, SetAtIndex, ValueAtIndex, AddLinear, DeleteAtIndex, ListCount, List, CopyList, SortList, FindValue
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Walkthrough: Creating and Sorting Linear Lists
  • Walkthrough: Referring to Individual List Elements
  • Walkthrough: Adding Items to Linear Lists
  • Walkthrough: Deleting Items from a Linear List
  • Walkthrough: Adding a Lookup Function
  • Walkthrough: Saving the Updated Phone List
  • ActiveX Controls
  • Adding ActiveX Controls
  • Properties, Methods, Events
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Functions Reference
  • Walkthrough: Using ActiveX to create a Web Browser
  • Additional Exercises
  • Brain Teaser: Checks and Balances
  • Brain Teaser: Shopping List Assistant





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