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Fast Track to Authorware 7
5 days
9:00:00 AM - 5:00:00 PM

Adobe Authorized Training Center


Fast Track to Authorware 7
This 5 day, hands-on training class takes participants through basic Authorware authoring techniques. Hands-on exercises will be used to develop an Authorware application that incorporates:

  • Display items that include text, color, graphics
  • Navigation menus
  • Navigation button options for page forward, page backward, exit, etc.
  • Interactions with various response types (buttons, hot spot, hot object, text entry, target area)
  • Interactions with time and tries limit settings
  • Sound clips using the Sound icon
  • Moving objects using the Motion icon
  • Controlled display of screens using the Wait icon
  • Decision strategies for randomly presented quiz questions
  • Calculations using Authorware's system functions and variables
  • Hypertext glossary items
  • Models, libraries
  • Knowledge Object templates
  • Student sign-on facility
  • Student performance tracking and reporting



Workshop Outline
Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introductions and overview of the course
  • Introduction to Authorware
  • Overview of Authorware icons
  • Preview of Authorware application to be created in class
  • Display icon
  • Drawing tools within Authorware
  • Drawing tools outside Authorware
  • Wait icon
  • Erase icon
  • Motion icon
  • Sound icon
  • Interaction icon
  • Hot spot interaction
Day 2
  • Interaction icon (cont.)
  • Text Entry response interaction
  • Tries Limit
  • Time Limit
  • Decision icon
  • Hot Object interaction
  • Target area interaction
Day 3
  • Target area interaction revisited: Conditional responses
  • Authorware system variables
  • User Sign-on interactions
  • Frameworks & Navigate icons
  • Models
  • Knowledge Objects
Day 4
  • Digital movie icon
  • Glossaries
  • A sample Menu structure
  • How to incorporate Custom buttons
  • Authorware system functions
  • Authorware libraries
  • Tracking and reporting User Performance
  • Packaging files for Network/CD-ROM
  • Packaging and Shocking files for the Web
  • LaJebey & Ubehebe Brain Teaser sample
Day 5
  • Review
  • Brain Teaser
  • Pulling it all together





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