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flashLockport NYErie Canal Photo Album

In the summer of 05, the family Paquette took a boat trip across Lake Erie and down the Erie Canal, where we took many photos. But how to share the photos and avoid massive download delays?

Flash 8 of course. Photo downloads can't be avoided but Flash 8 let's me spead them out so no single delay is too annoying.

Flash required


dreamweaverEncore CBTEncore CBT: This web site

Our web site is an experiment. Do you recognize it? We began with one of the design templates available in Dreamweaver 8.

A little work in Dreamweaver 8, Fireworks 8 and Flash 8, and it's done ... a quick way to jump-start your web site development.


flash Negative Air PressureNegative Pressure

Simple tweens to demonstrate the concept of negative air pressure in a hospital.

Flash required


flashEncore CBTMagnifying Glass

Ever want to let users zoom in on am image to see greater detail? Here is a magnifying glass to do just that.

Flash required



flashEncore CBTMagnifying Glass - variation

Same zoom in (as above), but also allow users to rotate the image (use the radar doo-hickey).

Flash required



flashEncore CBTMagnifying Glass - convex

Another zoom in magnifying glass, but with a convex twist.

Flash required



flashEncore CBTCell Phone Keyboard

A keyboard, a la cell phone, to allow users to enter information - it works like your cell phone.

Flash required



flashEncore CBT360° Panarama

A 360° view of our old training room (guess I should update the pictures). A series of still pictures, stitched together to create a single total image. Finally, we use Flash to manuever the image position to give the illusion of a 360° panarama.

Flash required



flashEncore CBTEncore Sales Presentation

A grab-bag of simple visual tricks and navigation. Catch our client history, and e-Learning Development pages. This needs some fine-tuning to run smoother over the internet.

Flash required



flashEncore CBTCursor Effect - 1

A word follows the cursor around .

Flash required




flashMouse EffectCursor Effect - 2

A silly mouse effect.

Flash required



flashMouse EffectDynamically Fetch a File list

Flash, together with asp, dynamically fetch a list of files names from a folder directory. The list is formatted into xml, and passed into Flash.

If you had a folder of images that are displayed in Flash, this would be a nice way to pass in the image names dynamically (in the future, all you need to do is change, add or delete the files in the folder — Flash would display the new images without further editing of the Flash file).

Flash required


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