1985 Mercedes Benz 380SL - fuel filter change

New-to-me 380SL, so I am doing routine maintenance. Here is a little bit on changing the fuel filter (which should be a piece of cake). Oh, grasshopper, what you are about to learn.

Went to Advance Auto and bought the cheapest fuel filter for my 380SL -- $35.00. That is nuts! No fuel filter should cost more than $8.00, but I swallow hard and shell out for it. My first warning sign.

What a royal pain in the butt! All this trouble just to change a fuel filter. Now I love cruising in my 380SL, but from now on, I don't want to hear about superiour German engineering. This is just plain dumb. Total time: 6 hrs, total cost: $100 (and I did it on the cheap).

Mercedes 380SLpic 1


fuel connectorpic 2

old fuel connectorpic 3

netpic 4

pic 5