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Sea Ray 390Boating has been a fun family activity for our family since 1996, after my first visit to Put-in-Bay. Something about knocking back a cool one while standing on deck. But better than that, it's terrific family time. So, here I'll try to keep track of the many projects and events that go with our boating activities.

Trading toys for toys

It all began innocently enough ... I just wanted a cheap dinghy for my kids to play with. But then one thing led to another, and now I have a trading history. I've heard of people trading their way from a paper clip to riches. Well, I don't think that will happen, but I wonder how far this will go? Here's my trading history so far:
Quicksilver1992 Quicksilver dinghy
Bought this dinghy for $1.00. A lot of cleaning, new floor, some patches paint, and she was good in the water. But we now have 2 dinghies, so I traded the dinghy (and an Evinrude motor) for the 82 Honda Goldwing motorcycle.
Goldwing1982 Honda Goldwing GL1100
Traded my Quicksilver dinghy for this motorcycle, which came in serveral boxes. So,
    • put it together
    • change all the fluids
    • new battery
    • rebuild carbs
    • new starter

But I soon discover that I don't like riding ... too scary. So, I traded the bike to a guy for a pair of Sea Doo's. He gets a running Honda Goldwing, and I get two non-functional Sea Doo GTIs and a Tritan trailer.

Sea Doo GTI1995 Sea Doo GTI (2) and Triton Trailer

As usual, I have some work to do:

    • Cleaning
    • New seat upholstery
    • Change fuel lines
    • Rebuild carbs
    • New Exhaust Manifold (for one sea doo)

So far so good. So far (June 10), the Sea Doo's have been fantastic, and loads of fun.

What's next?

I've always had a hankering for a Corvette .... I think the plan will be to hold on the Sea Doo's for a year, and then see what happens.


380SL1985 Mercedes 380SL
I don't particularly care for non-Detroit iron, but I've always liked the Mercedes Benz 107 series. So, in December of 2009, I picked up this little gem in Maryland.

Here I'll try to keep track of my projects, with pictures and lessons-learned.

Office Suite located at 5900 N High St, Worthington OH 43085. High visibility on High St, 2 blocks south of downtown Worthington. Suite consists of 2 individual offices, lobby and a large open space. 1050 sq ft, electric, gas, water included in rent. 1-3 year lease available; $950/month. New carpeting, new paint, clean space, new windows and doors. Nice and quiet building. High speed internet available. 2nd floor. High Street signage. Good parking.

To see the space, call Bob 614-888-4179

high at howard (google map) (yahoo map)