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1990 Yamaha Waverunner III

In Feb 06, our water heater went dead. Plumbers wanted $1000 to replace it.

So, I made a deal with my wife; I'll fix the water heater, and with the left-over money, I can get a jet ski.

I found this one in S Carolina for $400 (including the trailer).

It needed work, but after a couple of days effort, we have another toy.

New Trailer Tires from Walmart

Feb06 - The shorelander trailer is in good shape, except for the tires. Walmart sells the tires, rim and all for about $55. Bought two, and the waverunner is ready for its ride home, from South Carolina to Ohio.

Runs great in the driveway, but stinks on the water?

June 06 - I took the waverunner to Alum Creek for a test drive. Crank and crank in the water, and nothing. Actually, I get one shot at starting it. If it starts, then I can drive it in the water so long as I give it gas.

A little research and I think it needs a "reed valve", which is located under the carburator. See Reed valve project.


Sea Doo GTI Projects
Project Description Duration Date
Seat reuphostery Seat is in lousy shape. So, I remove the seat cover and replace it with vinyl. 4 hrs Feb 06
Reed Valve replacement According to my research, I'm thinking the reed valve may be buster. Bought a new reed valve. 4 hrs Mar 06
Carburator rebuild The waverunner just seems a little unpredictable with the acceleration, so I do a carburator rebuild 3 hrs Sept 06
Exhaust Manifold replacement Busted exhaust manifold bolt thread. So, replace exhaust manifold. 3 hrs Jun 10


waverunner III

waverunner III

waverunner III

waverunner III