Sea Doo GTI Battery

Replacing Batteries



My Sea Doo GTIs need batteries, but "pwc" batteries cost a fortune ($80-120). So, I started to wonder, "Do I really need pwc batteries?" What do I really need?

  • 12 Volt
    Well, the batteries must be 12V
  • CCA
    They should have good cold cranking amps.
  • Marine Deep Cycle
    Here, I disagree with the usual convention. Why the heck do jet ski's batteries need to be deep cycle? The only thing the batteries handle is (2) starting and (3) running. So, I don't see the need.
  • Sealed
    A nice to have.
  • Fit in small space
    It's got to fit.



Ends up the Advance Auto Parts has a Lawn and Garden battery that fits all my requirements. $35. The only thing I wasn't sure about was size. Long story short: It fits.


So far, everything works great. I'll keep this updated with news as time goes by.

  The season has ended, and the batteries worked out OK. We use the jet skis most weekends, so they sit all week long (sometimes for two weeks). I kept bringing my battery charger with me, and on some weekends, I'd put it on one of the batteries for a couple of hours. I think next year, I'll get a solar charger. But my conclusion: I'm glad I only spent $35 for each battery. They performed as well as a "pwc" battery that I had on my yamaha waverunner, and at half the cost.