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Sea Doo GTI

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1996 Sea Doo GTI (2)

Feb 10, I found these two Sea Doo GTI (1995) in Tennessee. And a Triton trailer.

Again, like every toy I get, these Sea Doo's need work, but after a couple of weeks, they look factory fresh.

In the spring, we'll take them for a test drive at Alum creek.

Alum Creek test drive # 1

May 10 - motors seem to run OK, but the yellow-seated GTI is leaking water through the exhaust manifold. So, tried to JBWeld a stud into place, to tighten down the exhaust manifold.

Lake Erie test drive # 2

May 10 - JBWeld did not hold. The motor just shakes too much, and the JB Weld isn't strong enough to take the pounding. So replace exhaust manifold.

Alum Creek test drive # 3

June 10 - OK, this is more like it. No more leaks, and the whole family jet ski'd for 4 hours on the waters of Alum Creek, on Father's Day. Note to self: Stay the heck away from Alum Creek on Father's Day ... it was mobbed.

End of Summer 2010

September 10 - Great season with the sea doos. I had to replace the exhaust gasket again on the yellow-seated-jet ski, but other than that ... a terrific season. Lots of fun. We even pulled two teenagers on a tube behind a jet ski, while I and my youngest rode the ski. Lots of power. And surprisingly dependable.


Sea Doo GTI Projects
Project Description Duration Date
Seat reuphostery Seats are covered in plastic, and it's in lousy shape. So, I remove the seat covers and replace them with vinyl. 4 hrs Feb 10
Handlebar repaint Plastic handlebar covers look like crap. So, remove and paint. 2 hrs Apr 10
Gas line replacement I read on the sea doo forum that the plastic gas lines cause trouble, so I replace the gas lines with regular 1/4" fuel line 3 hrs May 10
New batteries No big deal here, except I decided to go with Lawn Tractor batteries. 1 hrs May10
JB Weld stud onto Exhaust Manifold Bought a stud, and JB Weld it onto Exhaust Manifold. 1 hrs June 10
Exhaust Manifold replacement Busted exhaust manifold bolt thread. So, replace exhaust manifold. 3 hrs Jun 10


Sea Doo GTI